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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Offers cost?

Daft Offers is a free product, designed to save you time and add value. There will be no additional cost for any agent on the Business Plus pack.

Where can I access Offers?

Once you sign up you can access Offers from your very own Daft account - via a desktop or mobile device.  Just log in to your account & click the big blue ‘Offers’ button!

Do I have to enable Offers on all properties?

No. Offers allows you to choose individual properties to accept online offers.

Can anyone make an offer?

Any registered user on Daft can apply for registration, but they cannot make offers until you/the Agent have expressly approved them. Once approved, that user can only make offers on that property - if they want to make an offer on another of your properties, they'll need to register for approval again.

What happens when a buyer registers to make an offer?

Upon registering to bid, you/the Agent will receive an email with their details. The buyer will receive an email informing them that their status is pending approval and asking them to forward on their ID and Proof of funds documentation.

Can a buyer make offers below the minimum set?

Once approved by you/the Agent a buyer can ONLY make an offer equal to or above the minimum you've set.

Can a buyer make an offer below a current existing offer?

If the property already has offers on it, they can only place an offer equal to, or above, the previous offer PLUS the minimum incremental amount. (i.e. if the increment is €1k and the current offer is €312k, the minimum acceptable offer is €313k). Offer increments can be adjusted at any time through the offer process.

Can all property hunters view offers made on the property or just registered buyers?

Currently, all property hunters can view offers made.

Can an offer be withdrawn?

If the bidder (or you/the Agent) wants to withdraw the offer, you can withdraw the highest offer, which will make it disappear on the public site. Currently this is only available for the highest current offer.

Is this suitable for auctions?

Offers has been designed from the ground up for private treaty sales only. We have no plans to provide auction functionality at this time.

Is Offers available for Commercial properties?

Offers can be enabled on all sales and commercial private treaty properties.

What happens if I need to provide details of all offers for a PRSA audit?

Initially Daft is able to extract details of all registered parties, and timestamps of all offers made, and pass these onto you in a clear format. In time you will be able to self-serve this information.

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