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Discover the power of Daft Assist

A free service that supports agents through the sales process by providing regular updates on the conveyancing process to agents and buyers.

Gain a Virtual Assistant 

No more answering buyers' queries and chasing their solicitor - we take care of everything. 

Save valuable time

Automatic weekly updates are sent to both the agent and buyer, saving you over 8 hours per transaction*. 

Close sales faster

We make sure the buyer is fully prepared so that the sale can close as soon as possible.

What is Daftassist?

What is Daft Assist?

Daft Assist is a new FREE service dedicated to improving the working lives of agents by streamlining communications between all parties on a property sale. We know that agents make between 50 to 100 calls & emails after sale agreed*. Daft Assist reduces this number to virtually 0, supporting agents and buyers right through to sale closure.

How it works

How it works

1. You Refer

Once the property moves to the “sale agreed” stage, simply refer Daft Assist to the buyer by using our contact form below. Your work is now done!  You should receive your first weekly progress update from Daft Assist within a week so you’ll never need to chase a solicitor again.

2. We step in

Daft Assist, which is powered by Lintil, makes contact with the buyer.

3. Buyer approves

Following a phone conversation with Daft Assist, the buyer sends a letter to their solicitor instructing them to update Daft Assist weekly.

4. We're on the case

Daft Assist sources updates from the buyer's solicitor on each stage of the conveyancing process and sends weekly updates to the agent and the buyer. You can then share this information with your client to keep everyone in the loop. Agents no longer have to chase for updates as Daft Assist will do this for you. 

5. Success

All communications between the buyer, their solicitor, and yourself are now taken care of. You spend less time communicating, and everyone feels reassured throughout the whole sales process. 

About Lintil

Here's what some of our customers have to say


Emma & Rebecca

Farrelly & Southern Estate Agents

"Farrelly & Southern Estate Agents have been using Daft Assist for a number of months now. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to provide this service to our clients and customers. Daft Assist reduces the workload for agents once the property is gone sale agreed by receiving weekly updates. Our buyers have been very impressed with the service, receiving regular updates on the sale process. We highly recommend Daft Assist for anyone that would like a transparent, faster and seamless sale."


Nicola Corrigan


"I would give the service a 10/10. Buying a house can be very daunting and when one of the agents at Moovingo mentioned Daft Assist I was happy there was someone to help. Both my husband and I were delighted with the service."

Refer a buyer

Who are Lintil?


We’re proud to be partnering with Lintil.


Lintil, which is made up of both property professionals and technologists, is dedicated to taking the stress out of home buying. When researching the market, they worked with 198 property professionals and uncovered a gap in communications with buyers. After the sale agreed stage, they found that buyers were left with lots of questions about the status of the biggest purchase of their life. 

Lintil acts as the buyer’s advocate, putting them at ease, and helping them to feel in control.  Lintil also offers a whole host of additional services to buyers such as utilities and insurance. 

To date they have facilitated the flow of information between agents and buyers on over 1,000* sales and counting.

*Daft data and client research 2019


We’ll give you a free premium ad on for every referral that signs up (max. 3) 

Valid until 30 Nov 2019

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