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Giving you the power to make data-driven decisions.

Identify property opportunity, benchmark performance and save money.

DataHub Pro gives you access to property insights you can’t find anywhere else in Ireland

Market Insights

Deep dive into key market trends that help identify opportunities and make smart decisions 

Valuation Tool

Access millions of live & historic property listings and generate great valuations in minutes 

Daft Report Pro

Analyse present & historic stock & price trends across different sectors and micro markets

You get access to all custom dashboards PLUS all the raw data in excel format so that you can create your own reports.

Market Insights


Gain unique insight into property trends and buyers’ behaviour

Whether you’re advising clients, developing housing or looking to expand into new areas, Market Insights gives you fast, accurate answers to specific questions about the Irish Residential Property Market. Demand vs Supply? Listing Price vs Actual? By area or property type or price or period of time? Get all the data you need to make more informed business and investment decisions.


Supply vs Demand by category: Property Type


2 million property listings and 19 million photos


Access accurate comparable data and make great valuations

Our market leading Valuation Tool gives you access to Daft’s live and archived Sales, Rental & Commercial listings - all from one dashboard. This means you can seamlessly browse and compare properties across the country by listing price, sold price, property type, number of rooms, photos and much much more.

Valuation Tool

Must have datahub for developers, estate agents or financial organisations or utility providers that want to make data-driven decisions for their business


Analyse national and local property data in an instant

Leverage nearly 2 decades of Daft Report data and take a national, regional or local look at how prices have evolved over time. With access to both our digital dashboards and raw data, you can take a top-level look at how the market is performing, or deep dive into the detail. How has housing supply historically affected prices? What was the average asking price in Munster in 2010?  Whatever the question, we have the answer for you.

Property data for 388 micro-markets

Daft Report Pro

Sample reports available in Daft Report Pro

Unparalleled data at your fingertips.

Has the National average property price changed in 2020 YoY?

Q4 was up 1% YoY


What is the average sale price of a Semi-detached in Navan in 2020?



What is the average rental price for a 3 bed apartment in Dublin 7?

€2,169 per month


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