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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to join?

No, there are no fees involved in becoming a Premier Partner. When you join the programme, however, you will be required to include Advantage Featured Plus, Advantage Featured and Advantage Premium options (including prices) in every marketing proposal submitted.

What is the difference between Daft Advantage and Regular Upgrades?

Exclusive to Premier Partner Agents, Advantage packages guarantee maximum visibility on Daft and offer a superior set of benefits compared to regular upgrades. Not only will your listings appear higher in searches, gaining up to 10x more ad views, but by upgrading a listing to Advantage status you will also receive a discount on your subscription, and our “no sale, no fee” guarantee!


Click here for a full comparison of the benefits.

How can I promote Advantage packages to my clients?

As a Premier Partner, you are required to present Advantage Featured Plus, Featured and Premium packages as options in every marketing proposal submitted (including prices). To help you do this, you will have access to our dedicated Premier Partners marketing portal designed to help you showcase the benefits and clearly outline all ad options to your clients.

How do I upgrade an ad to Advantage status?

The first step is to become a Premier Partner, giving you access to all Advantage options. From there, you can then post all Advantage listings from your own Daft Agent account. As always, our team is here to help if you have any questions or need any help navigating the new options.

Is Advantage only suitable for expensive or high-end properties?

No. Advantage packages are incredibly beneficial for ALL property types. Whether it’s a 1 bed apartment or a 3-storey family home, if your listing needs to stand out, achieve a better price or have the best chance of a faster sale…then an Advantage is the way to go. Exclusive to Premier Partners, Advantage ads will deliver up to 10x more demand!

When will Daft invoice me (the Agent)?

You will only be charged for your Advantage Package when the property is marked as “sold”. With Advantage you get our “no sale, no fee” guarantee, so if the property doesn’t sell, there are no upgrade costs from us to you or your client!

(Please note: if the property does not sell we will not invoice the Agent. However, Daft will claim back the subscription discount given to the Agent.)

When do I (the agent) invoice the vendor?

The Premier Partner programme gives you the flexibility to choose when you invoice your vendor. Don’t forget, you can easily access all your client receipts through your Daft account.

When is the agent subscription discount applied?

For every listing you upgrade to Advantage, you will receive a subscription discount - €150 for Advantage Featured Plus and Featured and €75 for Advantage Premium - which will be reflected in your next monthly invoice.

Is there a limit on how much subscription discount I can receive?

As a Premier Partner, the more Advantage packages you secure with your vendors each month, the more discount you will receive off your subscription. You can reduce your monthly subscription cost right down to €0 but your invoice will never be less than €0, i.e., your discounts will not rollover into a credit. Don’t forget, as well as the monetary benefits, the more you upgrade to Advantage, the greater your brand visibility will be, meaning more instructions for you and your business.

Can I upgrade an existing Standard, Premium or Featured advert to Advantage?

Of course. We want you to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of our new Advantage packages, so you have the flexibility to upgrade to Advantage no matter what the current status of your listing is.

If I become a Premier Partner, do I have to upgrade all my ads to Advantage?

No. By becoming a Premier Partner, you and your vendors simply have more options available to you for making the most out of your listings and staying ahead of the competition.

Are Advantage packages available for all Ad types?

At the moment Advantage packages are only available for Residential Sales listings.

Will Advantage always be displayed at the top of the search listings?

Advantage listings are elevated above all regular Featured, Premium and Standard ads. On the very rare occasion it may be that a Top Spot or New Homes listing sits above Advantage. 

Anything else I need to know?

As in the normal course of business, the property services (regulation) act 2011 (minimum standards) regulations 2020 obliges that agents are transparent with a vendor regarding all advertising savings or discounts via the terms in the engagement letter.

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