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Business Plus

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Business Plus gives you all the tools for success

Property Valuation Tool

More data. 

Better valuations. 

Instant access to 1 million live and historical property listings  

8.6 million photos giving you a complete picture of the property 

Business Intelligence

Equip your team with powerful

property and local market insights 

Insights into how your business and your listings are performing vs your competitors

Generate customised reports to showcase your success in your local market 

Premier Partner

Get recognised for being exceptional and grow your business 

Get discounts on your Daft subscription

Secure more enquiries and a faster sale at the highest possible price


“We only use the best technology. It makes our lives easier and allows us to focus on what we love doing - selling property and serving our customers. The Daft valuation tool compliments are suite of technology perfectly - helping us to dramatically reduce the amount of time researching market activity and most importantly provide more accurate data for clients - it removes guess work and results in stronger marketing campaigns and essentially more success for our property sellers.’’

Tony Deane, Moovingo

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