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Introducing Offers
Real-time offers platform

Receive offers 24/7
Save time
Close quicker

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Only agent approved buyers can make offers

Manage all offers & bidders from one central location

From your real-time Offers dashboard you can:
       choose which properties to enable offers on*
       set minimum acceptable offers

       set offer increments
       record deposit requirements
       approve users to offer (or not)

       choose the winning bidder

*Available for all private treaty sales
(residential & commercial)

How it Works

Reduce admin and save valuable time

Sending emails, making calls, waiting for confirmations? Managing offers and bidders can be time-consuming and costly. Our automated agent branded emails reduce the ‘heavy admin part’ so you get more face time with your clients.

Instant updates to all bidders throughout the process

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Provide transparency & flexibility to your buyers

Buyers can make offers on your property anytime, anywhere and from any device. 
The result? Greater transparency for bidders as they can see offers as and when they come in and more competition for your property &
a faster sale. It's a win, win!

Products built with Agents for Agents

Access a fully compliant offers audit trail in an instant

Every offer received for your property, alongwith its bidder, date & time stamp, can be accessed from your Offers dashboard.

Audit Trail Email Desktop Mockup V2.png

Sample names & offers only

Case Studies

Here’s how it works

Offers by Daft - Webinar - 18th December 2023
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Here's what some of our customers say

Barry Auctionners Logo.jpg

Kevin Barry
Barry Auctioneers

"Daft’s new online offers tool has been of huge benefit for both us and our bidders. It has helped streamline the offers process, reducing administrative work on our side and also providing us with detailed, live information on our properties’ performances. We have already sale agreed numerous properties in the trial period using this system. Additionally, for bidders it provides total transparency and allows them to track the progress of their offers and log counter offers without any delays."

Tom Maher & Co Logo.jpg

Anne-Maree Maher
Tom Maher & Co

"Tom Maher & Company in association with our clients and customers have welcomed and are engaging well with the new and innovative 24/7 Daft offers online system. It offers complete transparency, developing trust and is forward thinking. It facilitates and transforms the buying and selling process of property for both current and prospective clients and customers."

Key Highlights

Mobile responsive.png

Mobile Responsive

Access & accept Offers on

the go from your smartphone


Buyer Guides

Agent branded guides to

show buyers how to make

an offer online


Vendor Guides

Agent branded guides to promote the Offers tool to your vendor

Search by ‘Offers’

Your properties featured in our new ‘Offers’ section maximising exposure

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Saved properties

Supercharge your

property & brand

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Offers is available to all Business Plus customers. For free.

Sign up to Offers today.

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