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Virtual Tours

A guide to virtual tours and how Daft is supporting agents through the provision of all you need to get you going with virtual tour technology

Accelerate your VR Plans 

Learn how to use VR or Video to maximum effect and start doing viewings today.

Social Distancing

Vastly reduce the need for physical meetings by carrying out the majority of 1st viewings digitally

Live Viewing Technology

Some virtual tour providers, including Daft's PAYG, allow you to speak with clients while they're viewing your tour 

What does a virtual tour do for your business?

Allows you to continue property viewings in socially distant times

Using the live viewing technology feature, allows you to build rapport and strengthen relationships with potential buyers

Can slowly start to replace first viewings providing significant travel and time savings, and eliminate no-show viewings

Give potential buyers the ability to share their viewing of your home with family members and friends

Make the ability to offer Virtual tour functionality a compelling part of your sales story to win vendor instructions

Examples of 3D Virtual Tours

Types of Virtual Tours

With the onset of the COVID-19 and social distancing concerns, virtual tours are seeing significant interest from both property hunters and agents alike. Here are the different approaches being taken:
Live 3D Virtual Tour-D2.jpg

Playable 3D Virtual Tour

Provided by suppliers such as EyeSpy 360, Matterport, Giraffe 360, Immoviewer etc. The 3D video tour is essentially a set of panoramic 360 images linked together which allow you to 'walk' around the property.

Live Playable 3D Virtual Tour

This is as the above, except with built in video conferencing. You can invite clients to the tour and talk to them outlining key selling points as you both 'walk' through the tour.  Either the client or yourself can control the tour and you both share the same view at all times. The Daft PAYG approach includes this functionality at no additional cost. See how a Live 3D tour works.

Video Call-D1.jpg

Video Conference and Walk-thru

A low-cost approach to providing online viewings for clients is to set-up a call with them using Zoom, Google Hangouts etc.
Ideally you'd do this from your desktop/laptop and once in the virtual call you can screenshare with your client, and talk them through existing 3D video tours or videos you've already taken of the property.

Open Live Viewing-D2.jpg

Live stream of digital Open Viewing

Another approach we've seen is for agents to live stream a video of themselves going around a house. This could be considered a digital open viewing, and incurs some logistical overhead ensuring all parties can attend at the same time, although once captured the video can then be shared with future clients. A popular free website for live streams is Youtube.

Still got questions? 


We're here to help! Whether talking you through how to upload your existing tours, explaining more about the Daft PAYG solution, or hooking you up with a suitable supplier, please just send us an-email on

Alternatively, please try our FAQ section.

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