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Take your own Pay-As-You-Go Tours with

Supporting agents through the provision of all you need to get you going with virtual tour technology. 

No Expensive Kit Needed can show you how you can take virtual tours using your own phone 

Fully DIY

Learn how to take tours yourself and then upload them onto

No Subscriptions

As the name already says, you will pay as you upload your Virtual 3D Tours, no long-term commitment

Other Providers

Pay as you go Daft 3D Virtual Tour

This section provides information on how you can take your own tours quickly and cost-effectively with The following tour was made by a member of the Daft team in under 20 minutes.


If you already have a relationship with a virtual tour provider, you can upload the tours directly in Agent Admin.


What equipment do you need to do a PAYG 3D Tour?

Before you can take a tour, you need to be able to take 360 panoramic photos. Here’s our suggestion on what hardware you should invest in.

Please note, this hardware guide is for using the Daft PAYG option, if you're planning on using a different service, please speak with your provider about suitable hardware.

Option 1-VR Kit.jpg

1. Easy and Inexpensive Option (Daft VR Kit)

For $99 delivered, you can buy the VRkit - a rotator, specialist app and fisheye lense kit for your phone, that quickly and easily turns it into a 360 camera. If you don't have an existing tripod,  you'll need a lightweight one, approx €19 on Amazon. has negotiated a special discount code on these kits – Contact us to find out more about the offer!

Option 2-Ricoh Theta V.jpg

2. The Pro Option

You can readily buy 360 spherical camera on Amazon. The one pictured is a Ricoh Theta V and is approximately €380 on Amazon. 

If you don't have an existing tripod, again you'll also need a lightweight one, approx €19 on Amazon. (Please note cheaper Ricoh cameras do exist, but the camera on your phone is probably better, making the VR Kit above a better option.)


3. The Bare Minimum

It is possible to buy just a lense for $39.

Using this lense,  the VR Kit app, and a very steady hand (or a tripod) it is possible to take acceptable pictures by manually turning your camera 360 degrees.

Daft VR Kit
Recommended Equipment
PAYG Daft 3D Virtual Tour

How to take your 360 Photos with the Daft VR Kit

Whether you opt for a dedicated camera, or use the Daft VR Kit, taking the photos is surprisingly straightforward. A full walkthrough using the kit is below:

Publishing a tour

Here's what some of our customers have to say

Delaney Estates.jpg

Aisling Delaney

Delaney Estates

"Daft put the package together, advised what to buy and where to buy it – it couldn’t have been more simple. The whole process from beginning to end was so easy. I am not very technical and I was concerned it would take a great deal of effort and time to learn how to use and create the 360 tours – there was minimal training required, the daft tutorial and their support was excellent. The end product is very professional and yet the set up is simple. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you to DAFT for the suggestion and helping us with this."


Eileen McLoughlin

CML Auctioneers

"I knew Virtual Tours were the way forward for our properties, especially during lockdown, but I didn't know where to start. Using Daft's PAYG Virtual Tour feature is excellent - fit for purpose, very cost effective and we have had lots of interest and viewings. I was actually overwhelmed by how easy it was to buy the equipment, take the shots and upload."

Where should I publish my tour?

Once you’ve captured your images, you’ve done the hard work. You’ll need to go to Agent Admin and upload your ads in the normal manner.


When uploading media, choose the Virtual Tour Pay-As-You-Go option, and upload your images. Once tours are submitted, they cannot be amended without requesting a new tour. Choose the TaaS (Tour-As-A-Service) button and for €15 our chosen VR partner (Eyespy360) will link all your images together and turn it into a fully functioning tour. You can also opt for a 3D model and floorplan for an extra €10 per tour.

 Before submitting your request, make sure that you’ve uploaded all images. Once tours are submitted, they cannot be amended without requesting a new tour. 

Please note: the above prices include 20 images/scenes within the tour. If your tour requires more image that this, they are charged at €0.75 per image for tours, or €1.25 for the tour/3d model/floorplan combo. 


Watch the video below for a walkthrough:


What are the costs involved?

Hardware cost

Typically €100
($99 kit and a tripod)

Cost per tour (up to 20 images)

FREE for Basic tour
FREE for Advanced tour with 3D Model &
Floor Plan

And that’s it!

No monthly subscription, making this service cheaper than going directly to a provider

No cap on tour views

Unlimited live view calls, all included

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